• "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."

All In One Landscaping - Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

We operate primarily out of Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington and surrounding areas. As we have developed as a company, our reach has continually grown. In previous years, we have completed projects in areas such as Guelph, Cambridge and Haldiman County. If you have interest in our services we are more than willing to cater to your location!

We had a brand new stone patio installed last year, and the stones have already shifted. How am I sure All In One will prevent this from happening?

Living in Southern Ontario, we are faced with the reality of a harsh winter. When installing patios and walkways, we ensure the longevity of the product by preparing a base of a minimum of 12" of crushed gravel, leveled out by a thin layer screenings. To ensure the base is stable, we compact the area several times with a high powered plate compactor. Upon completion of the installation of the stones, we fill the gaps with a high quality polymeric sand to prevent future weed growth between the stones. This is the most proven and effective way to ensure prolonged results.

Landscaping work is messy and a disturbance. How can we reduce the effects of this on our property and on our surrounding neighbours?

We understand that landscaping work can be loud, messy and can interfere with everyday life. At All In One we strive to reduce the impact on you and your neighbours. Ways we combat these issues are:

  • Establishing defined areas for our soils, rocks and other aggregates
  • Cleaning up the work site at the conclusion of each work day
  • Providing close neighbours with knowledge of the project and disturbances it may induce
  • Strategic placement of tarps, plywood and other protective materials to reduce mess

Allowing us free flowing acces to our sites is also a key to success. Removing vehicles and other obsticles allow us to work at a steady and viable pace.

What kind of time frame and communication occurs during the job?

We understand that you want to be involved in your projects; and we love your input! At the beginning of the project we will establish a timeline consisting of key dates and events. Throughout the entirety of the project, constant communication will ensure that we are on the same page and to keep you up to speed with progress and completion dates. Our main objective at All In One is customer satisfaction and we will do our very best to meet and exceed all expectations. Through clear and constant communication we always meet our goals.