• "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."

All In One Landscaping - Transformations

Aterno Drive

Mountain Avenue

Ross Lane

A full scale backyard remodel. This property had great potential and we believed that we unleashed it. Installation of a large patio constructed of Trafalger pavers and a celtic wall/ cap landing. A mulch garden lining the patio wrapping around to provide character along the fence line. A variation of several perennials including a mix of hostas, ornamental grasses and boxwoods were used. A new tree line established at the back of the property to create some needed privacy. Finished off with a new sod lawn makes for a very classy and functional backyard.

Binbrook Mista



A beautiful little interlock patio installed in Hamilton. Using a mix of Permacon Trafalger Rockland Black and Newport Grey, this contrast really accentuates the beauty of the paver. Customers now have a versatile surface to set patio furniture, and enjoy those beautiful summer nights.


A small paver patio for a customer in Hamilton. Residing at the base of the escarpment posed an issue with drainage. We installed a 3 tier 6x6 retaining wall with a large weeping tile wrapping the perimeter of the wall. Ensuring adequate drainage is pivotal to the success of any retaining wall or walkway especially when located at the base of a steep hill, presenting this wall as one very susceptible to significant runoff.


This project is the 4th we have performed for the same customer. All of our customers are valued by us at All In One, but this customer was our very first dating back several years. We tore up a huge garden in the backyard, and sodded the entire backyard. In the front, we reconfigured the gardens,mulched and pruned the trees. Lovely touch on a beautiful property

Silvan Forest

A little patio extension in Burlington. Using Permacon Paleo pavers, we were able to match an existing patio which was installed 8 years ago. This extension allows for a more functional patio space, allowing the BBQ to be on patio instead of random pavers. Interlock patios are always a great way to maximize the utility of a backyard space. Relatively low maintenance, versatile and very appealing.


Maplevale Drive

A simple but classy front entrance made with Celtic wall and capping. The addition of a chocolate brown tread adds a nice contrast to the colouring. In addition, a small paver landing with a band of pavers lining each side of the driveway to add some character.

Shady Glen

A small Celtic wall landing completed with a Permacon Trafalgar pavers.

Bellingham Drive


Mooreland was a full scale backyard remodel. Previous home owners had an above ground pool which caused severe depression to the grade. As a result, significant pooling and inadequate draining occurred. We tore up everything, regraded the entire property ensuring proper slope and adequate draining. We went above and installed weepers under the deck for an additional medium of risk prevention. A 250 square foot Permacon interlock patio and a new sod lawn to wrap everything up. A freshly landscaped backyard for two very deserving customers.


A pool patio we did in Dundas in 2016. This beautiful backyard finally received the interlock patio it deserved. After the customers had a huge issue with the contractor who installed the coping, we came in and delivered on our patio to enable them to salvage the remaining month of the summer.


Shady Glen 2

A Permacon walkout completed in 2016. This was for a repeat customer. Utilizing Permacon Trafalgar pavers, this functional walkway provided a much needed runway for our client. We also installed an elevated vegetable planter using ground ready timber. We also installed some pea gravel for use as an area cover.



A complete tear out and makeover of a backyard in Oakville. Installation of heavy duty landscape fabric, 6 yards of mulch, a new sod lawn and removal of diseased trees.

Rob and Christina

A tear out and total resodding of a backyard in Hamilton. Adding in some small garden beds under cedar trees allows this small space to provide both function and elegance.

Upper Mount Albion

This project consisted of 3 phases: The first phase was a property clean up followed by an extensive tree pruning contract. Over 10 fruit trees, ranging from Apple to Cherry's as well as some Emerald Cedars were pruned.

Second component was the installation of 20 Black cedar trees along the back fence of the property. The goal of this component was that in a couple of years, the trees will eclipse the height of the fence, providing an extended privacy barrier between the properties.

The final aspect of the job was to create a framed in playground enclosure for the play set. Utilizing 6x6 beams, we constructed a frame to retain playground ready mulch, establishing a functional and appealing playground area.


Turquois Trio

This project started as a front yard sodding job and resulted in 2 neighbors also requesting our services. In total we stripped, regraded and re-sodded 3 front yards/boulevards and 1 backyard.

For one of the clients we installed a stepping stone walkway down one side of the residence, filled in with a thick application of black mulch. Another client we removed, reshaped and installed a new garden with a small array of hostas, both variegated and non-variegated.

A new front yard landscape, especially a new front lawn, is an extremely appealing component to a house's curb appeal and will really complete a property. Nothing like a luscious green lawn!

Columbia College

Property Clear Out

Athena Drive