• "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."
  • "Your yard. Our passion."

All In One Landscaping - Transformations

Maplevale Drive

A simple but classy front entrance made with Celtic wall and capping. The addition of a chocolate brown tread adds a nice contrast to the colouring. In addition, a small paver landing with a band of pavers lining each side of the driveway to add some character.

Ross Lane

A full scale backyard remodel. This property had great potential and we believed that we unleashed it. Installation of a large patio constructed of Trafalger pavers and a celtic wall/ cap landing. A mulch garden lining the patio wrapping around to provide character along the fence line. A variation of several perennials including a mix of hostas, ornamental grasses and boxwoods were used. A new tree line established at the back of the property to create some needed privacy. Finished off with a new sod lawn makes for a very classy and functional backyard.

Bellingham Drive

Athena Drive

Shady Glen









Rob and Christina

Silvan Forest


Turquois Trio

Upper Mount Albion